Nothing Important


Tough times

A simple rant based upon my status.

Esperanto : First steps

Their official page as a starting point. There are 6 resources on this page. I will be trying out all of them in some sort of a round robin method. Because progress in a language is not measurable in small blocks, I will be trying to devote myself to learn this consistently for a month... Continue Reading →

Details for language learning

This post is being written so as to keep a record of the initiative of compiling resources for the purpose of efficiently learning Latin-based languages such as French, German and Spanish, for now. This is supposed to be taken as a engineer's project. Google Doc link for rough drafting procedures: this Esperanto should be logically... Continue Reading →

Japanese Bookmarks’ backup and purge

Paul Anka - Put Your Head On My Shoulder (1963 Version) - YouTube SakuraCircle Fansubs – Just another fansubbing label. Browse By Language: Japanese - Project Gutenberg 青空文庫 Aozora Bunko 無料・試し読みの電子書籍 - honto 日本語資源 - Nihongoresources.com Home - Yookoso! Raw | Sen Manga マンガ図書館Z - 無料で漫画が全巻読み放題! VIZ | Shonen Sunday 最前線 - フィクション・コミック・Webエンターテイメント comico(コミコ) [SOLVED] Want... Continue Reading →

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