MEXT : Recommendation draft

Applicant’s Name : S John S

To the Applicant : Please fill in your full name above. Give this form and an envelope marked “confidential” and addressed to yourself to the person you have asked to recommend you. Ask this person to place the completed form in the envelope, seal the envelope, sign across the seal, and send it back to you. Submit the unopened envelope with your application to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General.

To the Recommender : Please respond to the following questions. Please type or print. After completing this form, place it in the envelope provided, seal the envelope, sign across the seal, and return it to the applicant. This recommendation is a required part of the application process and to be used for admissions purposes only; prompt return to the candidate is important. MEXT appreciate your assistance and would like to assure you that your comments will be carefully considered.

Recommender’s name : Venu Puram

Title and Institution : Manager of Software Enginnering in Thermo Fisher Scientific

Address (either work or home) : Prestige Shanti Niketan, Tower – C, 9th floor, 13/288, ITPL Main Rd, Thigalarapalya, Hoodi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560048

Email :

1.During which period of time have you had the most frequent contact with the applicant?

From 8th May , 2018 to 29th June, 2018.

2.What was the nature of your relationship?

I was the manager for the VR project coming under LIMS in which the applicant ( John ) was working as intern for VR application’s integration with Robotics and Neural Networks.

3.In what areas does the applicant need improvement or growth?

The applicant (John) needs improvement in a few minor presentation skills.

4.Please comment on the applicant’s interpersonal skills. How well does he or she work within a team?

The applicant is very open to new ideas and suggestions from the team mates. And collaborates on various facets of the project by helping the path of development of solution such that the smaller functionalities can be integrated almost seamlessly when required.

5.How would you describe the applicant’s leadership skills?

John takes initiative when the big picture of the project loses a bit of clarity. Subsequently, he takes feedback and responds back to the team members, in order to distribute the knowledge, of what each person will be contributing in the project, resulting in consolidation of the goals for each member.

6.Please comment on the applicant’s degree of self-confidence.

The applicant ( John ) is quite self-confident. He approaches known and well-formulated problems without hesitation. And for new and undefined problems, he analyzes the problem in careful and precise manner in such a way that it minimizes the misunderstandings which could happen during the search for solution based on the normal outlook towards the said problem. Thus, once the analysis is done, he starts working on it, without losing confidence even on encountering the tough roadblocks and until the resolution of the key challenges.

7.Please comment on the applicant’s personal character.

The applicant ( John ) is a highly motivated, efficient and amiable person. He usually works extra hours until he is satisfied with his work. He likes to work on and study multiple concepts ranging from biology till software development. He talks a lot socially, so I realized his passion towards Japanese culture, and working on core topics in bioinformatics-based research.

8.Please indicate your overall evaluation of the applicant for a Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship..

( ✔ )Strongly recommend

I strongly recommend the applicant ( John ) for the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship, as I believe that he would work and produce results, that will have significant impact in the field of LIMS, and associated result’s analysis & visualization of obtained data as part of Bioinformatics. This would be beneficial for the management and acceleration of other biotechnological and clinical research for the scientists.

9.Please write whatever additional comments you would like to make about the applicant’s potential for graduate study in Japan and potential for becoming a responsible, effective person for your country. Additional pages may be attached, and the back page of this form can also be used.

The applicant’s background in Computer Science and continuous studies in cutting-edge biology would be a favorable aggregation for the bridging the gap between most biologists and computer scientists. And because a lot of work in biotechnology is being conducted in Japan, his expertise and scope of further improvements in technology and understanding of the results and methods of the experiments will help to increase the overall efficiency of the wet labs using customized automation within their budget.

Once his research protocol for LIMS and subsequent analytics reaches that level of competence, he would become an important asset for the work being done in India as well as Japan.

Signature                       Date              


Note: Any other formats of recommendation letter will be accepted.


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